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Success Stories

This cat colony named "Rosebud" has about 19 feral cats. Here is Jackie with his Aunt Beauty. She is this colony's dominant female. His sister, Midge, also lives in the colony with him. This kitty is Rosie - yes the town (cat colony) is named for her.  She is a mature female that is very affectionate.

Jackie was only 2 lbs. 11 oz. when he went through the clinic July 19, 2007. He is now a little over a year old and is a handsome, fun-loving, affectionate boy. Next we have Beauty. She is the dominant female in Rosebud. According to Susan, a volunteer who takes care of this cat colony, "In the spring of 2007, Beauty was very feral and wouldn't get anywhere near me when I came down to feed. In the fall of 2007, Beauty started to wait for me on the path to Rosebud. In November, she allowed me to pet her. Now she demands to be pet. It's quite an interesting process managing this wonderful colony!"

A barn cat, named Star. Pewter is very happy to pose for the camera!

Tootsie is happily at home. Lily is content sitting in her box.

Two brothers named Leo and Lynx in their new home after being rescued as kittens in 2003. The same two brothers (Lynx and Leo) still cozy in the same happy home in 2009.

Here is Bryce.  


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